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Prakriti Institute

Where Physics Encounters Spirituality

A multidimensional healing clinic for elevating Quantum Consciousness

  • Counseling
  • Depression Therapy
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Quantum Energy Healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Life between life's therapy
  • Crystal therapy
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Corporate Mentoring

The light within me honours the light within you

Dr. Manupriya is a Masters in Psychology with many years of experience working with children, adolescents, families, individual adults and couples. She specializes in the treatment of trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, grief, anxiety, attentional issues, addictions, relationships, parenting and issues associated with separation and divorce. Manupriya's clinical practice is very practical orinted, Solution focused, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness and psychodynamic. For many years she has been using a pragmatic approach to blending various alternative healing modalities and a drug free approach with scientific tools and interventions to overcome various psychological and emotional issues for personal and professional upliftment.

She is also a Quantum Energy Channeler. Through her angelic powers she observes images, color frequencies, cosmic codes and Sacred Geometry and sees into the deepest, most hidden recesses of the soul. She communicates with the Subconscious Mind, Higher Self, and with the illnesses and diseases in the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Subtle, Astral, Etheric and all energy bodies to remove programs, blockages and splits in conscioussness. She is able to clear both individual and collective Karma, remove vows and break soul contracts. In session with clients she works with the ancestral lineage and timelines which pass down blockages, physical disease, projections, patterns, thought forms, belief systems, energetic codings; entity attachments, traumas and dissonant frequencies that disallows from experiencing inner peace, love and true freedom.

She wears the etheric Golden Key of Self empowerment to guide people on a deep inner journey of introspection, chose the right path and to handle a particular situation or individual and help to know meaning of what is before them.

She holds the etheric Cup of Poison to bring up issues surrounding poisoning and protection from toxicity.

She is the channeler of the Blue Star Energy to ward off negativity and align the self with the Quantum Consciousness.

As a very young child, Manupriya has been in the company of many Spiritual Guides and healers. They helped her to raise her innate healing abilities for her spiritual growth as well as to help others. Her eyes and presence always described as otherworldly and mysterious, she continued to move through her developmental process and quietly began to notice that she was witnessing life through the eyes and heart of a ‘seer’, medicine woman and channel for love.

Manupriya received her Doctorate in Alternative Medicine in 2004. However, even during her schooling and in private discussion with her Guides, she knew there was much missing in this conventional training and clinical approach. Yet, she also understood the importance of ascertaining this degree in order to begin to work with the many who would not yet be prepared for the higher, more esoteric truths. Through time and through her deep commitment to healing service and wisdom, she received many certifications, in the some of the most well-known healing modalities and through the Divine, is transmitting a high frequency teaching and healing program for all.

Manupriya’s healing powers were greatly activated and amplified when she got Blessed and Initiated by her GuruMaa.

She helps to activate the SPIRITUAL DNA to elevate QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS.

“I trust that those of you who come to my portal for healing and teachings will also have an internal curiosity, resonance or inner knowing of who I AM and why am I am here at this time again. I trust that you will know whether it is right for us to work together and that you were divinely guided to enter into this new and paradoxically equally ancient space of healing, light and communication.”

She is living in Jalandhar, Punjab with her husband Dr. Naveen Mehra,(M.D.) Consultant Anesthesiologist and Intensivist,and her two sons.

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